Amber Cornelissen (Science #1)

Hey everyone! I'm Amber and as a fourth year psychobiology student I've been walking around the Science Park for a while now. I started out as an active member of Congo, where I was on the board for two years, but soon I found out that Science Park is like a mini village with a great community. There are few things I would rather do than to give something back to Science Park and all its students. Important issues for me are social safety, diversity, and accessibility for all students. I hope to be able to pay a lot of attention to these issues during my council year. In addition to these key issues, I believe that more attention should be paid to the declining enrolment figures for disciplinary studies such as chemistry and mathematics. There also needs to be better communication between the university and the student. Do you think these points are important and are you a fan of free beer? Then vote for me!

Chris de Hart (Science #2)

Hey all! I’m Chris and I’m currently in the first year of my artificial intelligence bachelor. I want to join the student council because I’m always down to meet new people and because I now have the potential to actually make a difference at the UvA. I’ve had a lot of fun here in my first year, but I have noticed that the education sometimes leaves something to be desired which is something I would like to help change. For example, teachers should meet their grading deadlines and I want to help improve the teaching and examination regulations (OER). Additionally, mental health is an important subject to me. We have left Covid behind us. However, this does not mean that mental health needs any less attention. Walk-in hours at the student psychologists might help with this. If you can relate to these points, vote for me! And don’t hesitate to stop by to have a drink with me at one of our borrels!

Filip Kmiecicki (Economics and Business #1)

Hey everyone! My name is Filip, and I’m a 1st-year student of Economics and Business Economics. I’m running in this year’s elections with two goals in mind: to shed light on the problems of ordinary students and bring them delicious ice-cold beer in the process. Sounds good? Then read on! Whenever I exchange my experiences with fellow students, I notice that most of us share many practical issues with the UvA that largely remain unaddressed by the university’s vague policies. Among the most common ones I encounter is the lack of lecture recordings for some courses. Although Corona is no longer as much of a threat as it used to be, I believe that students would still benefit from being able to rewatch their lectures, especially considering that the infrastructure is already at the disposal of the university. Moreover, I would like to see the UvA address the untimely release of exam results. This continues to be an issue despite most exams being fully digitized, which undoubtedly adds to the already-high anxiety surrounding the workload. With these and many more postulates, I hope I can count on your vote. Have any suggestions? Let’s discuss them over a pint at one of our borrels! See you there!