Daan Jellema

As a Master's student in Chemistry, I have been enjoying my time at the Science Park for quite a while. Because I like it so much here, I want to give something back to my fellow students! This is why I would like to continue my work in the student council next year. In the council I work hard to improve the life of students at the Science Park. This can’t be done without the input of students. Therefore, I want to increase awareness of the council so people know they can come to us, for example during the free beer drinks organised by SLAAFS. I have always felt at home at the Science Park, and I think every student should have that feeling. That is why I want to contribute to the diversity policy of the faculty among other things. I also want to solve practical problems such as the confusing A-Z list. Finally, I would like to undo the damage done to education by corona: lectures should be given in person and the engagement of new students should be increased. I can think of no better solution for the latter problem than our fun free beer drinks. Vote for me and come toast with me during SLAAFS’ drinks!

Koen Oostinga

Yo! I'm Koen, I’m 22 years old, and I'm currently doing my chemistry master's. While enjoying half a litre of Hertog Jan, sitting in the bright sunshine, I'm writing about the serious things I want to do next year. I finished my bachelor's degree in Future Planet Studies last year, and as a result, sustainability has been a central theme during my time as a student. I want to see sustainability play an even bigger role at the Science Park, creating an environment that is as green as possible. In addition, I want dedicate myself to the mental health of students. Now that many people have received a mental blow from corona, it is even more important that attention is drawn to this subject. Finally, I think it is very important to get input and engagement from the students at the faculty so that we can deal with the issues present as accurately and efficiently as possible. Do you agree with me and do you like free beer drinks? Vote for me!

The other candidates

Parcival Maissan
Dylan Boahemaa
Alex Zwijnenburg
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