SLAAFS was originally founded out of dissatisfaction with the student council. We saw that the elections were simply a popularity contest and that the party system ensured that no one expressed their own opinions. Parties often take positions that most students agree with and make promises that are unattainable. At SLAAFS people join the council for themselves. This ensures that our council members set realistic goals and are motivated to achieve them. At SLAAFS you vote for the person you agree with and you can rest assured that those opinions will not be pushed aside. In addition, SLAAFS also makes one promise as a party: free beer!

At SLAAFS we all love drinks and we know that most students have this in common with us. That is why we want to give back directly to the university by organising free beer drinks for all students. In order to finance this, our council members donate their own grants. This means that our survival depends on our involvement in the student council. Many students will know us from our drinks, without knowing where we come from. Everyone is welcome, so that is certainly not a problem. We do hope to get your support during the elections. That way, we can give away as much beer as possible and organise other fun events!

With the four council members we have at the moment we can have a borrel more often where we pour 500 litres of free beer. We have organised borrels at the Faculty of Science for years and soon we will also organise borrels at the Faculty of Economics and Business. We have our own tap Lindert which can also serve deliciously cold beer during outdoor drinks in warm weather.