In the council for SLAAFS

Do you also want to contribute to the faculty? Would you like to do something besides your studies and gain board experience?

The student council talks to the Faculty Board about all matters that concern students. The council has a say in regulations, indicates what can be improved about facilities, but also organizes fun events, such as drinks and get-togethers!

At SLAAFS, our party program consists of only one point: free beer! On our list you keep your own opinion and do not make empty promises. You can pick up the files that are close to your heart in the council.

So you want to enter the council with your own opinion and immediately give it back to the students. Join Slaafs! Feel free to send an email to or contact one of our councillors, you can find them in the next paragraph.

Currrent fraction

SLAAFS currently has three seats in the student council of the FNWI. The council members of SLAAFS, Daan Jellema, Koen Oostinga, and Parcival Maissan, represent their own opinions in the student council. Here they explain what their goals are for the year:

I joined the council because I feel connected to the faculty and its students. This is why I’m committed to making studying at the faculty as pleasant as possible for everyone. I would also like to increase the council's visibility so that my fellow students know what the council can do for them. To this end, I write a column in the To Dah Loo for example. I’m also working on the diversity file because I think it is important that everyone feels at home at the faculty. Despite the fact that I’m the head of a committee, I continue to study next to my council work. If you have any questions about the council, feel free to send me a message or email (!

- Daan Jellema (Treasurer, Head of the Facilities and Public Relations Committee FSR Faculty of Science 21/22)

I finished my bachelor's degree in Future Planet Studies last year, and as a result, sustainability has been a central theme during my time as a student. I want to see sustainability play an even bigger role at the Science Park, creating an environment that is as green as possible. In addition, I am dedicated to the mental health of students. Now that many people have received a mental blow from corona, it is even more important that attention is drawn to this subject. Finally, I think it is very important to get input and engagement from the students at the faculty so that we can deal with the issues present as accurately and efficiently as possible. You can always come and have a chat with me (!

- Koen Oostinga (Chair, Facilities and Public Relations Committee FSR Faculty of Science 21/22)

Like most students and staff, I think our educational quality is important. As a member of the student council, I have access to reports and minutes of the past years together with the meetings, which gives me a good overview of what the university has done in recent years to improve education and what it is currently doing. By having an overview of what was going to happen and is happening now, I can work together with the university to bring about these improvements. That is what I want to focus on this year, in addition to the general work in the council. You can reach me at (

- Parcival Maissan (General Councillor, Programme Specific Education Committee FSR Faculty of Science 21/22)


In 2017, the party SLAAFS - More beer, less AFS was founded at the Faculty of Science. The party had two points of view: more free beer and no the collaboration with the VU (this collaboration was labeled the Amsterdam Faculty of Science (AFS) in 2013). This year, the people who would be elected from SLAAFS would abstain from voting, except when discussing cooperation with the VU. The party was given one seat on the Faculty Student Council.

The following year the collaboration was already off the table and the party was rebranded to SLAAFS - Honest, Simple, Beer. Only one point remained: more free beer. From this moment on, the party focuses more on the candidates having their own opinions and being free to do whatever they want in the council. Members are now also free to vote on what and what they want. The party earned two seats this year.

Little has changed in 2019 comparison to the previous year. The same philosophy was maintained and the party again got two seats. Association Slaafs was established on 29 October 2019. Because more and more money became available and therefore more and more drinks had to be given, more structure was needed, hence this official foundation.

In 2020, we have not been able to organise any get-togethers since the beginning of the year. Fortunately, SLAAFS was still able to contribute to the council. This year, we even managed to get three seats.

Despite a drought of borrels, SLAAFS continued its work in the student council in 2021. Again this year, with relatively more votes than ever before, SLAAFS managed to secure three seats on the council. At the end of the council year we were finally able to organise borrels again with great success!

In 2022 SLAAFS is going to make up for all the missed get-togethers by getting as many council seats as we can. We are looking forward to seeing you at all future borrels!

Lists 2022

Faculty of Science (FNWI)
1. Amber Cornelissen
2. Chris de Hart
3. Koen Oostinga
4. Daan Jellema
5. Liang Telkamp
6. Noa Kluiters
7. Esther de Graaff
8. Jaap Osseweijer
9. Barien Kanie
10. Iyan Smits
11. Duncan Pelan
12. Parcival Maissan
13. Daan Schoppink
14. Anne-Ruth Meijer
15. Lotte Philippus

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)
1. Filip Kmiecicki

More about the student council?

Do you want to know more about the student council? Take a look at the website of the student council.. You can also send an email to one of our council members. Daan Jellema can be reached at, Koen Oostinga at, and Parcival Maissan can be reached at