SLAAFS is headed by a five-member board consisting of

  • Chair (Daan Jellema)
  • Secretary (Amber Cornelissen)
  • Treasurer (Damian Piersma)
  • Vice chair ()
  • Beer commissioner ()


The Beer Committee is a fundamental part of SLAAFS. They make sure that there is beer every month and that there is bar personnel to give it away. In addition, the members help clean up after our fun and chaotic drinks.

Promotion Committee

All the promotion you see from SLAAFS is made by the Promotion Committee. This committee is responsible for all communication. They manage the social media, create the posters, and manage the website. In addition, they are concerned with the elections.

Audit Committee

To host as many get-togethers as possible, it is important for SLAAFS to manage its budget well. This is why SLAAFS has its own audit committee that monitors the treasurer.

Internal Regulations committee

SLAAFS officially became an association on October 29, 2019. Because we were constituted just before the pandemic we still need to set up a few things. For instance, we have to write Internal Regulations. The Internal Regulations committee is working hard to present quality regulations to the general members assembly.