SLAAFS is headed by a five-member board consisting of the chair (Lisa Blijleven), secretary (Jasper Lankhorst), treasurer (Martijn Brehm), commissioner Bar (Daan Schoppink) and commissioner Council (Malou Sprinkhuizen).


The Bar Committee is a fundamental part of SLAAFS. They makes sure that there is beer every month and that there are tappers to give it away. In addition, the members have the hard work to clean up after a chaotic drink. Do you want to help the Bar Committee by voluntarily tapping? Register with this form!


All the promotion you see from SLAAFS is thanks to the Outreach Committee. This committee is responsible for all communication. They manages the social media, Instagram and Facebook, creates the posters and manages the website. In addition, they look at fun events to supplement the drinks.

Election committee

SLAAFS cannot exist without holding seats in the student council. That is why it is extremely important that candidates are found and that good campaigns are conducted during the elections. This is done by the election committee.

Internal Regulations committee

SLAAFS has been an association since October 29, 2019. Because we are so young, we still have to set up a lot. For example, we also have to write Internal Regulations. The Internal Regulations committee is working hard to present quality regulations to the general members assembly.